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Turn off automatic sprinklers

Turn off automatic sprinklers

As summer turns to fall, it is important to turn down the amount of water you are providing your lawn and garden with automatic irrigation. Too much irrigation water can damage lawns and over water plants and trees, especially if the rainy season has started. Many places have water meters now, so remember to cut back and eventually cut off automatic irrigation will not only help your landscaping, but it can also save you money on your water bill.

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Back Yard Automated Sprinkler Controller

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Winterizing your sprinkler irrigation system

The first thing to do is find where your main water line branches off into a water line for your sprinkler irrigation system.  This could be inside the home or may even be on the outside of your home.  Find a valve with a handle on it.  When the handle is parallel with the line, it usually means it is open.

Turn the valve a quarter turn making it perpendicular to the line.  This indicates that water is shutoff at the valve location.  By doing this, you are preventing water from flowing to your sprinklers during the cold winter months. 

Go to your controller and run each valve for about 30 seconds to blow out any remaining water in those pipes.  This eliminates the water in those lines.  Then shut off the controller.

Here is a video from Got Scapes.



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