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Vacuum vents

Vacuum vents

Your HVAC system delivers conditioned air to each of your various rooms. These vents can be in the floors, or in the side walls, or even in your ceilings depending on your house layout. With the goal of keeping your home healthy, it is a good idea to remove the vent grille’s and vacuum both the vent grille and a little inside the duct to get rid of more dirt and dust than can accumulate here. Make sure you don’t damage the inside of the duct.

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How to clean your air vents

Your home has air vents that blow out conditioned air and return air vents that suck air back to the HVAC units.  Depending on your home, these air vents can be in walls, floors or even ceilings.  Take your vacuum cleaner attachments and clean the actual grill.

You can also detach the grill that exposes some of the ductwork.  Use your handheld vacuum cleaner attachment to gently reach inside the duct to vacuum up any dust and debris.  You don’t want to go too far back or be too forceful because you don’t want to damage the duct.

If you take a digital camera and take a photo with a lot more dust and debris, you might want to hire a professional to clean your entire ductwork system.  Here is a quick video on how to vacuum your vents from Aire Serv.



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