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Wash all glassware on open shelves

Wash all glassware on open shelves

Some people have wine and bar glasses stored out in the open on a shelf somewhere. If these glasses are not frequently used, a layer of dust can build up on them. Periodically taking them down and washing them out will keep them clean and ready to go when friends and family stop by unexpectedly for a cocktail.

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How to clean your stemware

You can wash and dry your glasses by hand or some manufacturers say that their stemware is dishwasher safe.  Check with each manufacturer of your stemware.  But washing and drying are not often enough to get those wine and cocktails glasses looking perfect.  The key is polishing them.

Using a lint free microfiber towel, you can get off those hard water spots and smudges sometimes left after washing and drying them.  Make sure you get the inside of the wine glass, the stem and base, and the most important part is the rim.  This will make your stemware sparkle and look fantastic.

Here is a quick video from Fusion.



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