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Water all houseplants

Water all houseplants

Indoor houseplants add a lot of freshness and a comfortable home appearance. Make sure you have the right plants that can thrive indoors and that you place the bottom of the plant in a container or matte so that water doesn’t leak or stain the furniture it is sitting on. Of course this means you should have a regular watering schedule for your indoor plants to keep them looking great and adding color and uniqueness to your home.

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How to care for your indoor plants

The biggest mistake people make is over-watering their indoor plants.  They don’t need as much water as outdoor plants as they are not getting as much direct sunlight, and are planted in areas where the surrounding soil dries out.

Check you indoor plants by sticking a thin metal rod into the container.  If the bottom of the rod is dry, your plant needs water as the roots are dry.  Most indoor plants on average need water once a week.  Here is a video from Expert Village on caring for your indoor plants.



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