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Wipe telephones

Wipe telephones

The telephone handsets in your home get a lot of use. People have their ears and mouths directly up against these electronic devices. As a result, they are a magnet for germs and bacteria that can get transferred to other people. Frequently wiping done these telephone handsets is important to keep everyone healthy in the home, especially in the winter during cold and flu season.

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How to clean your home phone

The best product to use is an anti-bacterial wipe that is also safe for use with electronics.  Check the label of the various product choices you have.  Just take a wipe and rub the mobile handset making sure you get to all parts of the device.  Pay special attention to the ear piece and microphone area, as well as the dial pad.

Don’t forget to wipe down the base station of the unit as well.  This one device is probably used by everyone in the house and is a big carrier of germs and bacteria that can get transferred between people in the house.  Here is a video by Expert Village.



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