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Bedroom Furnishings

Bedroom Furnishings

Saving money for a complete bedroom set of furniture or even replacing a really old set of furniture is a popular interior design project. This interior design project often times revolves around kids growing up and the needs that change over time as they get older or just sprucing up the master bedroom. Storage for clothes, a work space, a reading space and a place for a television are often times key components of an interior design project for a bedroom. The aesthetic look of a bed frame is also a key piece of furniture, as well as bedding and window treatments.

Typical Items:

High Estimate:
Moderate Estimate:
Low Estimate

Budget items for a bedroom furnishing project

Here is a list of items to consider when budgeting for the furniture, bedding and window coverings for a bedroom.

Bed Frame Lamps
Bedding & Linens Mattress
Cable Receiver Television
Dresser TV Cabinet
End Tables Wall Decorations
Hutch Window Treatments


Interior design planning for a bedroom

One of the first steps to undertake is to take measurements of the room and sketch them out.  Make sure you include any doors, the direction of the swing, and the location of windows and walls.  This will help you determine the conceptual layout of where the major pieces of furniture will go.

Developing a color palette is another step in process.  Tying together the color of furniture, the carpeting, the paint, the bedding, and the window coverings help create a theme you are trying to achieve.  This helps you shop for key items with the right color and fabrics.

There are a lot of good concepts of how to bring things together in a master bedroom with this video from HGTV.



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