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Family Room Furnishings

Family Room Furnishings

Decorating a family room is one of the most fun rooms to design because it is a room that is going to be used by everyone in the family almost on a daily basis. It is important to understand your family dynamics and how the room will be used by everyone. The main furniture elements of a family room include a television, a sofa, and either chairs or a love seat. But there may be other elements to work through including a fireplace, bookshelves, and a place for the audio visual components to be stored. If you have kids, you might need to decide if this room will also be a gaming room with a gaming console. The family room gets used by everyone in the family, so designing it in a way that takes into consideration multiple scenarios is important. Designing for this flexibility will make your family room useful for everyone.

Typical Items:

High Estimate:
Moderate Estimate:
Low Estimate

Items to budget for in decorating your family room

There are a lot of furniture, electronics, and decorative items to research and budget for with your living room.  Here is a good list to get you started.

Cable TV Receiver Sound System
Chairs Speakers
Coffee Table Television
End Tables TV Cabinet
Lamps Wall Hangings
Love Seat Window Treatment


How to design your family room

One of the first things to do is measure the size and shape of the overall room and sketch it on paper including the windows, the fireplace, and the adjacent openings to other rooms.  In many homes, the family room has an open connection to a kitchen, so coming up with a theme that matches the look and feel of the kitchen will be important.

Determining the size and layout of the television and seating area is an important first step.  This will help you understand the size and amount of furniture that can fit in your family room, as well as make for a pleasant viewing experience when watching television.  Filling in the rest of the room with tables, lamps, wall decorations, drapery and window treatments is the next step.

Since watching television is a major part of the use of the room, pay special attention to sunlight and window treatment to avoid glare on the screen.  You also need to be aware of having the proper electrical and internet connections in the location where you want your television.

Here is a video from Expert Village on some decorating concepts.



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