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Game Room Furnishings

Game Room Furnishings

Some homes have a separate game room or loft area that is used as a game room. The interior design of this room depends on whether the game room is more for small children or for teenage children or even adults themselves. A game or toy room can be a designated play area for smaller children. The room can evolve into a gaming room for kids who want to play online television games. With adults, the room can evolve into a billiards table or a ping pong table with other cards for card or board games.

Typical Items:

High Estimate:
Moderate Estimate:
Low Estimate

Items to budget for in a game room

There are very different items to budget for depending on what type of use you intend to do with the game room.  Here is a simple list to get you started.

Billiard Table Television
Bookshelf TV Cabinet
Cable TV Receiver Wall Hangings
Chairs Window Treatments
Dart Board  


How to plan for your game room furnishings

The first goal in this process is to determine who in the family will be the primary user of this room.  Then you can profile what type of gaming and entertainment is appropriate for the age of the intended user.  Taking measurements of the room will give you the overall dimensions and layout.

The fun part is to match the dimensions of the room with what gaming furnishings will fit in the room given the overall goals for the room. 

Here is a video from Family Leisure on different characteristics of billiard tables.



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