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Living Room Furnishings

Living Room Furnishings

People who have a dedicated living room in their home usually furnish it in a more formal sitting room style than the more casual everyday family room. A living room is often used as a conversation room when guests come to the house or even as a quiet reading room for members of the family. Since formal living rooms as usually not frequently used, people usually save up some money as a budget to eventually fully furnish it. The living room is often times attached or very near the dining room, so determining a style or theme for the living room may also have to work with dining room.

Typical Items:

High Estimate:
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Items to furnish a living room

Depending on the size of the room, your budget, and your goals, there are a number of different items to consider when developing a budget for the living room.

Chairs Sofa
Coffee Table Wall Hangings
End Tables Wallpaper
Lamps Window Treatment
Love Seat  


How to plan for decorating a living room

It is a good to measure the dimensions of your living room and sketch them out.  It is useful to include any openings and doors to adjacent rooms as well as sketching the windows and if you have a fireplace in the room. 

The next goal is to determine what furniture configuration you are looking for such as a love seat with two chairs, or two love seats or some other combination.  Once you figure out the main seating configuration, you can start to fill out various tables such as end tables, coffee tables or bookcases and other shelving.

Don’t forget to think about draperies, window coverings and wall decorations as part of your overall budget.  All these items can fit together in a common theme with a color palette that works together.

Here is a video from Interior Design on living room decorating tips.



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