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New Bedroom Floor

New Bedroom Floor

Replacing the flooring in a bedroom is a common project. Many people put in new carpets but almost equally popular is putting hardwood floors in a bedroom. The choice of carpet or hardwood floors is a matter of personal preference. Carpets are soft and warm and can complement almost any design theme. Wood floors can become the design highlight of a room because of how dramatic they can look especially combined with wood furniture.

Minor Remodel
Typical Items:

High Estimate:
Moderate Estimate:
Low Estimate

Items to budget for new bedrooms floors

Here is a list of materials to guide you through a quick budget on new floors in a bedroom.

Base Boards Paint
Flooring Labor


How to install flooring in a bedroom

The first thing to do is to move all the furniture to a different room so that you can remove the existing flooring.  Make sure you have measured the dimensions of the bedroom so you can properly estimate the quantities of material, whether it is carpet or hardwood flooring.

Install the flooring based on the manufacturer instructions.  Reinstall the baseboards and put the furniture back.

Here is a great video from on installing a hardwood floor.



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