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New Dining Room Floor

New Dining Room Floor

One of the most popular flooring projects is to replace carpeting in a dining room with hardwood floors. It creates a separation with adjacent rooms and provides a warm yet elegant look to a room. Another interior design choice when going to hardwood floors is the option of having an oriental or other rug where the dining room table and chairs sit on.

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Items for a hardwood dining room floor

There are a variety of choices for hardwood floors that include natural wood and engineered products made to look like wood.  The color, grain, and width of the wood slats are the most common criteria to evaluate when deciding which product to select.

Base Boards Paint
Flooring Labor


How to install wood floors in the dining room

Remove the existing furniture and the baseboards.  Determine which direction you want the floor planks to be oriented and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to install the flooring.  Replace the baseboards when you are done and move the furniture back to its original location.

There are different types of hardwood floors.  Here is a video from Lowes on installing a floating, locking hardwood floor.



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