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New Entry Floor

New Entry Floor

You always get a chance at a first impression when you walk into a home. Some homes have a dedicated entry and others enter into a living room or small hallway or niche. The flooring at this entryway is an opportunity to improve that first impression. Whether your entry is a room of its own, or a small area of an existing room, it is an opportunity to put down some wood or upgraded tile to freshen this up a bit. Usually the area is relatively small, so people can choose some more expensive wood or tile as the total quantity required will not be that high.

Minor Remodel
Typical Items:

High Estimate:
Moderate Estimate:
Low Estimate

Items to budget for with a new entry floor

The basic material list for flooring in the entry floor will be the material you choose.

Base Boards Paint 
Flooring Labor


How to install new entry flooring

Tearing up the existing area is the first step.  Then putting down the new wood or tile is the next step.  Pay attention to two key areas.  The first is the threshold of the front door.  The second is the transition from the entry room flooring to the adjacent room flooring, where carpeting or other material is installed.  You will want these transitions to not only look smooth, but to not create a tripping hazard.

Here is a great video from DIYNetwork.




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