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New Kitchen Floor

New Kitchen Floor

Sometimes your budget doesn’t allow for a full kitchen remodel, but you can get a new and fresh look to your kitchen by putting in some new flooring. The key is deciding the balance of how much to invest in new flooring versus saving for a longer period of time for a bigger remodel. It really depends on your situation. Maybe the layout, appliances, and cabinets are fairly decent, but the linoleum flooring really needs to be changed out. If your appliances are really outdated, then you could combine new floors with new appliances with a higher budget. They key is to make it look like everything still goes together.

Minor Remodel
Typical Items:

High Estimate:
Moderate Estimate:
Low Estimate

Items for a new kitchen floor

The key is to know the dimensions of your kitchen floor so you can size up the amount of flooring material you need.  Obviously you need to choose the type of flooring you want.

Base Boards Paint 
Flooring Labor


How to install new kitchen flooring

One of the biggest challenges in replacing the kitchen flooring is disconnect the appliance that sit on the floor.  This normally includes a refrigerator, a stove, and a dishwasher.  This also requires moving these heavy appliances out of the kitchen, and having the skills necessary to re-connect these appliances.

Removing the existing flooring is next.  Be careful not to damage the cabinets and existing walls.  You may also need to carefully remove any baseboards in the kitchen as well.

The most common flooring types in kitchens are either tile or wood.  There are lots of choices with both kinds so doing your research on what works for you is important.

Here is a two part video from the Home Depot on setting ceramic tile.

Part 2 of the Home Depot Video



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