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New Windows

New Windows

People tend to replace windows in the home for a few key reasons. Older homes probably have inefficient windows that increase your heating and cooling costs, or they are a source of water leaks. Some new windows need to be replaced because the seal between the double panes has broken created a foggy look due to moisture between the panes. Once you decide you need new windows, not only should you look for energy efficient windows, but you also have choices on how the windows open as well as aesthetic choices like grids or no grids.

Major Remodel
Typical Items:

High Estimate:
Moderate Estimate:
Low Estimate

Items for replacing windows

Counting the number of windows that you want to replace and the existing size and shape of the windows is the important part of estimating your costs.  Here is a template of items by room to use when figuring out the number of windows to replace.

Bathroom 2 Windows Garage Windows
Bathroom 3 Windows Kitchen Windows
Bathroom 4 Windows Living Room Windows
Bedroom 2 Windows Master Bathroom Windows
Bedroom 3 Windows Master Bedroom Windows
Bedroom 4 Windows Window Trim Moulding
Dining Room Windows Labor
Family Room Windows  


‚ÄčHow to choose new windows

There are two key parts to review in selecting windows, the frame material and the glass.   The choices you have for window frames typically include wood, aluminum, vinyl and other composites.  Most windows today have at least two panes and some manufacturers may offer certain film or colors that can help with energy efficiency.

You also have various styles over how windows operate such as crank style, slide up and down, and even pop open styles.  Another area to consider is the color from both the inside and outside of the window frame.

Review different window manufacturer’s to see what is out in the market.  Use a combination of cost, style, thermal efficiency, aesthetic look, and warranty to decide what is best for you.

Here is a great video to show you more options on window replacements from Weather Shield.



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