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Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool

If you live in warm weather climate, putting an in ground swimming pool can create a lot of fun, exercise and entertainment value for the family. A pool also comes with a lot of maintenance requirements and a number of safety precautions, so make sure you take all those things into account. There are a lot of decisions to make when planning for a pool. The primary aspects are the location in the backyard, the general shape, and the depth of the pool. In addition, usually a concrete or tile deck is planned around the pool so often times people combine a swimming pool with an outdoor patio area depending on the overall budget. Swimming pools are great for outdoor pool parties for both kids and adults. They also create a great atmosphere for evening entertaining by adding the water element to the overall ambiance.

Typical Items:

High Estimate:
Moderate Estimate:
Low Estimate

Project items for a swimming pool

There are a number of different products to select when building an in ground pool.  Your pool contractor should walk you through these, but here is a list to help you get started and budget for your pool.

Hardscape Pool Pump
Plants Pool Surface
Pool Pool Tile
Pool Coping Spa
Pool Filter Spa Tile
Pool Heater Labor


How to plan for a swimming pool

Two big options to consider with a pool are whether to put in an adjacent spa and if you want a water feature like a fountain.  Depending on where you  live, a decision on whether to have a heater to heat the pool and whether you want a gas fired unit, or to use solar panels on a roof to heat the water.

There are lots of different choices for the surface material of the pool as well as the color.  Most pools also have an accent tile at the water level and underwater lights. Both of these elements add a lot of aesthetic look to the pool both during the day and at night.

Here is a video from Dex Home Improvement on pool design concepts.



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