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Vegetable Garden

Vegetable Garden

Having a vegetable garden in the backyard is great because of the fresh produce that you can enjoy with your friends and family. It is also a great hobby for many people and can even save a few dollars at the grocery store during the growing season. Deciding what to plant depends on your like and dislikes in terms of vegetables. It is a good idea to do a little research on the planting and watering techniques for the vegetables you choose to plant. Once you do this research, you should determine how big you want your garden to be.

Typical Items:

High Estimate:
Moderate Estimate:
Low Estimate

Items for your vegetable garden

Other than the plants themselves, you should plan for various soils and fertilizers.  Many people like the look of raised garden beds which will require additional wood framing.  Here is a sample list to use.

Carrots Irrigation Drips Tomato Plants
Cantaloupe Pepper Plants Top Soil
Cucumber Pesticide Watermelon
Fertilizer Salad Wood Box Frame
Green Beans Squash  


How to plant your vegetable garden

The first part is to determine the size of the garden.  Then you can measure out the size of the wood framing for the garden.  Preparing the soil is the next step of the process.  Finally you will want to layout your planting pattern paying special attention to the guidance on the distance you need between plants in order to ensure a healthy growing environment.

Here is a video from Dig the Dirt.



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