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Zada – A Home AI Assistant

Easy to use Home AI Assistant that educates and provides knowledge about home remodels, home improvement products, home insurance, home finances and real estate.

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Powerful Search for Knowledge About Homes

HomeZada AI Assistant with Open AI ChatGPT

The Zada AI Home Assistant is a great way to ask questions to learn about anything regarding the home with a simple chat interface. The unique aspect of Zada AI is that you can have a longer conversation that takes into account previous answers. In addition, the AI technology does its best to answer your specific questions and returns the results in a simple and uncluttered interface.

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Integrated with Home Maintenance and Remodel Projects

HomeZada ChatGPT AI for remodel and maintenance

Home maintenance tasks and remodel projects are full of questions for most homeowners. Initiate Zada AI on a maintenance task to instantly get a set of directions on how to perform the task. Start a Zada AI chat from any project and instantly get a range of estimates for each item in the project. Get Zada AI expertise on types of products to consider on each project item page.

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Save, Search and Copy Your Previous Zada AI Chats

HomeZada chatgpt AI chat history for the home

HomeZada automatically saves your previous Zada AI chats including the links back to the maintenance tasks and projects. The value is that you can perform a global search of your entire set of property information that includes previous AI chats and all its expertise for future review. It is also helpful when other family members have access to that previous knowledge.

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  • Access Zada Home AI Assistant to gain more knowledge about homeownership.
  • Simple chat interface with ability for long form and detailed questions.
  • Get deeper knowledge with questions based on previous AI chat responses.
  • Recommended next question comes with every Zada AI chat answer.
  • Integration with maintenance tasks to provide how to instructions on tasks.
  • Each remodel project is integrated with Zada to provide a range of estimated costs.
  • Chat history is saved and easily retrieved with search per property.
  • Create new tasks with each chat answer or copy to clipboard for other use.

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