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ASHI and HomeZada Partner to Support Home Inspectors

ASHI Home Inspectors Can Build Additional Business Lines with Digital Home Management

SACRAMENTO, CA    ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors) recently selected HomeZada as a home management software platform to recommend to their members and community. HomeZada is an online platform and app for homeowners to manage their largest asset and biggest expense, their home. This includes offering a secure, cloud-based solution to track a home inventory, a home maintenance calendar, managing home projects and understanding total homeownership costs with home finances. It is also a solution that assists businesses and organizations that service homeowners in industries like home inspection, insurance, mortgage, real estate, home building and more to retain and engage their existing customers and gain net new customers.

“We are honored that ASHI selected HomeZada as an innovative home management platform for their inspectors to build additional services,” stated Elizabeth Dodson, a co-founder of HomeZada. “HomeZada is proven partner platform with professionals and corporations that are looking to provide their customers with valuable solutions to manage their homes.”

HomeZada Professional gives home inspectors the ability to expand their business to build  a home inventory service or a concierge/property management home maintenance service. Building additional services give home inspectors an opportunity to remain connected to their customers on an ongoing basis that creates a greater level of customer intimacy and engagement that leads to new sources of revenue growth.

“ASHI appreciates HomeZada’s approach to helping homeowners manage their homes while also giving inspectors opportunities using technology to connect with their homeowners”, said Dave Kogan, Director of Marketing, ASHI. “As we explored HomeZada, we realized that our members would appreciate the opportunity to build additional services to expand their current relationships with their customers.”

For homeowners who are interested in learning more about how HomeZada helps consumers manage all aspect of their home, visit . HomeZada also provides like home inspection, insurance, mortgage, real estate and homebuilding the ability to provide their homeowner clients a co-branded version which can be seen here

About HomeZada

HomeZada is a Digital Home Management platform that empowers consumers to manage their largest financial asset, their home.  The online and mobile solution combines apps, content, and data to help homeowner’s mange a home inventory, a home maintenance schedule, home improvement projects and home finances.  A Professional version helps companies in insurance, mortgage, real estate, home building, and home services the ability to create digital home information for their clients to increase renewals and referrals.

About ASHI

The American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) is committed to progressing the home inspection profession to increase awareness about the importance of home inspection and develop career opportunities for ASHI members. Furthermore, ASHI continues to advocate for safe housing solutions across the nation and promote healthy home ownership practices.



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