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HomeZada’s Home Fintech App Integrates with Plaid for Home Finances

HomeZada launches a new integration with online banks and credit cards using Plaid’s platform. The new integration helps homeowners aggregate all their actual payments for home related expenses in one place. Homeowners can manage all home related expenses such as mortgage, insurance, property tax, utilities, and all home services. HomeZada now provides instant financial visibility to understanding the total cost to own and manage a home.

Many homeowners struggle to stay on top of all the costs to own their home. Payment information is scattered everywhere. Consumers also waste money on their home because they lack visibility as to what and how much they are spending on their home. HomeZada’s integration to all online US banks and credit cards with Plaid’s APIs consolidates actual household payments in one place.

HomeZada provides dashboards that show customers monthly cost trends for variable expenses like utilities. Multi-year trends over all home expenses such as insurance, property taxes, pest control, alarm monitoring and landscaping services can also be viewed in another dashboard. While HomeZada automatically creates a household budget for your property based on location, these dashboards further compare estimates versus actual costs.

Once a homeowner analyses these financial trends, it helps them make better decisions to save money. This is everything from changing behavior and usage patterns on utilities use to making the decision to switch from a current vendor to a lower cost alternative. Additional decisions are made with HomeZada's multi-year views of the annual total homeownership costs. Homeowners can decide if it is time to sell the current home due to increased costs.

HomeZada is a great overall personal finance platform specifically designed for homeowners. It also keeps track of the estimated home value based on changing local real estate market conditions. HomeZada calculates your total mortgage costs and updates you on your home equity and loan to value ratios. This home asset monitoring is important to your overall financial planning because your home equity is usually a large portion of your overall personal net worth.

HomeZada helps track budgets and costs for all your home improvement projects which you should track for tax, insurance and future re-sale purposes. A home maintenance schedule reminds you of important preventative tasks to do to keep your home operating efficiently to lower utility bills and avoid expensive fix-it and repair tasks. A home inventory app also makes sure you are properly insured and prepared if disaster strikes and you need to file a claim with your insurance company.

Watch a video of how easy it is to manage all your home expenses in one place.  HomeZada Home Expense Video



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