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HomeZada’s New AI Chat Assistant Gives Homeowners More Power to Manage their Home

Imagine the hundreds if not thousands of questions that the average U.S. homeowner asks designers, architects, contractors, remodelers, maintenance and cleaning experts, mortgage and insurance brokers, home-financing specialists and others during the course of owning a home.

            Now imagine if you could get those questions answered instantaneously by the most-recognized experts in the home space and then delivered seamlessly to your personal device to allow you to make the best, fastest decisions possible.

            HomeZada, the world’s first and only fully integrated, cloud-based platform dedicated to digital home management, is harnessing the unique power of AI to a do just that. The platform is adding the AI Chat Assistant “Zada” to its all-in-one suite of apps designed to help homeowners simplify the ownership, maintenance, management and equity growth of what is for most their single-largest investment.

            According to HomeZada co-founder John Bodrozic, the new Zada Home AI Assistant provides knowledge and expertise to answer any homeowner question about home maintenance, home remodels, home products and services, home insurance, home finances and  real estate processes.  He says it represents the most innovative  upgrade to the HomeZada platform since it pioneered  the digital home management space.

“HomeZada’s mission is to allow homeowners to access all of the data about their largest financial asset in one place,” said Bodrozic. “Integrating Zada AI Chat with HomeZada’s already-robust blend of unique apps, content and data gives our customers even more of the latest information they need to maximize the value of their homes and save money, time, stress and impact on the environment.”

Bodrozic says that homeowners spend considerable time looking for answers on remodel and renovation projects; product and brand comparisons; architect, contractor and designer searches; and how-to questions about new installations, maintenance and repairs. First-time buyers are most interested in home finances, insurance and the overall home-buying process – and a typical internet search for these answers leads to results that are often cluttered with irrelevant links and an unorganized cluster of saved bookmarks in the browser.

“The new Zada Home AI assistant was integrated into the secure HomeZada application specifically to allow homeowners to ask complex homeownership questions that will empower them to better manage, maintain, protect and improve their homes.”

HomeZada customers can use “Zada” to accomplish the following:


  • Engage in an interactive, two-way conversation about any home and residential real estate-related subject
  • Answer questions about home management in a clean and clutter-free user interface
  • Provide a long-threaded conversation that remembers previous questions and answers, allowing homeowners to explore answers at a deeper level than search engines
  • Suggest additional questions with every answer
  • Integrates with maintenance tasks to provide “How to …” instructions for every task
  • Offer a remodel template with an automated budget range for each project item
  • Provide a customized list of product and brand options for every remodel
  • Save all questions and answers and links the chats to specific tasks and projects
  • Allow previous chats to be searched to allow homeowners to aggregate their collective home research and knowledge in one place.

Consistent with the nature of AI, HomeZada is committed to continually upgrading its Home AI Chat Assistant and other platform capabilities to give homeowners the widest current and future information that will allow them to make the best decisions possible about their homes.

For a how-to video about HomeZada, go here. To see a video about how HomeZada integrates its Home AI Chat Assistant into its suite of home management services, click here.



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