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HomeZada & Rosie on the House Launch Partnership

Delivering digital home management to Arizona homeowners

SACRAMENTO, California (January 12, 2018) – Digital home management platform HomeZada and Rosie on the House, a leading home improvement media company announced today their partnership to provide homeowners with easier and comprehensive ways to manage homes.

With a thirty-year anniversary and experience delivering expert advice to homeowners, Rosie on the House showcases digital home management to its customers and listeners.  Rosie on the House [www.rosieonthehouse.com] connects homeowners with home owning content and contractors to perform repairs, design and remodeling services.

With a shared focus on using technology to make home management easier and more efficient, the partnership helps homeowners become more aware of the details of owning and managing a home. “Our homeowners have been longing for a technology solution to help manage the home and HomeZada has the vision that our team at Rosie on the House has been looking to provide both listeners and remodeling clients alike” says partner and co-host, Romey Romero. 

HomeZada [www.HomeZada.com] offers a complete digital home management solution that gives homeowners the ability to manage home repair, design and remodeling projects, maintenance tasks, and track a complete home inventory. When the project requires additional skills, or time the HomeZada client does not have, the Rosie on the House network of Arizona contractors are able to deliver services to manage maintenance and remodeling projects.

“Arizona homeowners have different needs then homeowners in other parts of the United States. Rosie on the House brings Arizona based content and experience to the market which is extremely valuable to HomeZada users in this region,” says Elizabeth Dodson, co-founder of HomeZada.” This partnership provides home management technology to homeowners while also utilizing the contracting needs and experience Rosie on the House brings to the region.”

The home is an important asset, yet a very large expense that requires a lot of management. HomeZada and Rosie on the House join together to ease the process of managing a home for Arizona homeowners.

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