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HomeZada & Slevin Insurance Group Launch Partnership

Delivering digital home management to Illinois homeowners

SACRAMENTO, California  – Digital home management platform HomeZada and Slevin Insurance Group, a leading insurance agency announced today their partnership to provide homeowners with an all in one suite of apps  to manage their homes.

With a valued presence in Illinois and a long-standing history of supporting clients, Slevin Insurance Group is introducing a premium branded version of HomeZada’s digital home management to its consumer customers. Slevin Insurance Group [www.slevininsurancegroup.com] provides  homeowners with the various e insurance solutions  to meet their specific needs.

With a shared focus on using technology to make home management easier and more efficient, the partnership helps empower homeowners become more aware of the details of owning and managing a home and ultimately save money. “By introducing a digital home management solution like HomeZada to our clients, we bring them the latest technology to help them manage their home. As an insurance agency, HomeZada allows us to improve our position as a trusted advisor by helping our clients manage areas of their life more effectively while also staying digitally connected,” says owner Anna Slevin.

HomeZada [www.HomeZada.com] offers a complete digital home management solution that gives homeowners the ability to manage home remodeling projects, a home maintenance schedule and preventative tasks, a home inventory for insurance purposes, and updates on home financial information like estimated home value, mortgage balance, and home equity.

“Working with the Slevin Insurance Group gives them the ability to extend their brand and value beyond the initial transaction of securing a policy,” says Elizabeth Dodson, co-founder of HomeZada. ”This partnership provides home management technology to homeowners while also helping insurance agencies like Slevin Insurance Group stay connected to their customers with smart applications and  data.”

The home is an important asset, yet a very large expense that requires a lot of management. HomeZada and Slevin Insurance Group join together to make the process of home management easy.

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