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HomeZada Automates Home Maintenance Schedule

Homeowners receive common checklists to maintain the home

Sacramento, CA - A new release of HomeZada provides consumers an automated home maintenance schedule that includes over 50 important maintenance checklists. HomeZada pre-populates an online property calendar that reminds homeowners when important tasks need to get done in order to maintain equipment, keep the house safe and make sure the home is a healthy environment.

A car comes with a maintenance schedule and alerts you when things need to get done, yet a home is much more complex and provides nothing. HomeZada solves this problem for homeowners by providing a home maintenance solution that includes a comprehensive checklist for most homes that the homeowner can customize based on their specific equipment and location of the home.

"HomeZada has not only created an automated home maintenance schedule, but we have developed how to information and curated videos as part of each one of our tasks in our maintenance checklist library" said Elizabeth Dodson, co-founder of HomeZada. "Our entire maintenance checklist library is available on our website for visitors while our premium membership allows users to personalize their tasks by editing and adding checklists to customize their own calendar and receive automated alerts."

The homeowner always knows what to do as the system checklists alert the user every month what maintenance tasks need to get done. HomeZada also can track costs, photos, documents and any third party service provider information with maintenance tasks. It becomes a great historical record of the maintenance history of a home that you can use in the future if you decide to sell your home.

Maintaining a home is important for multiple reasons including saving money by avoiding replacement costs, keeping the home efficient and reducing energy bills, and making sure the home is safe. HomeZada’s maintenance schedule keeps consumers on top of these items in addition to making sure the home is healthy and ultimately helping improve the value of the home for future resale purposes.

The automated home maintenance schedule is available to consumers as part of HomeZada’s Premium Membership. It is also available with HomeZada Professional for real estate agents, builders, home inventory service providers and professional organizers to provide their homeowner customers with either the Gift Membership or the Create Properties package.



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