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HomeZada is Selected in Plug and Play Winter 2017 Batch

Insurtech Partners View HomeZada as a Valuable Customer Engagement Solution

SACRAMENTO, CA    HomeZada was selected by the Plug and Play corporate partners to participate in winter Insurtech program. Corporate partners like Travelers, Hartford, and Munich RE reviewed over 4,000 startups from around the world to select 125 startup companies to participate in the Plug and Play Winter 2017 program. 

"Startups have the ability to shift an industry and drive economic growth. Our goal is to find entrepreneurs who are not only passionate about changing the world, but who have created technologies that will directly impact our corporate partner's focus areas," says Saeed Amidi, Founder & CEO of Plug and Play. "We look forward to inviting these startups to our headquarters and helping them grow their companies."

Through the next three months, companies will meet with Plug and Play's network of corporate partners, investors, and mentors. The program offers pitch events, private deal flows, mentor sessions, and corporate office hours. This type of program gets startups and corporate partners connected early to determine if a working relationship is possible, speeding up the process of building relationships and connecting large corporations with innovative technologies.

HomeZada brings its digital home management platform to the Insurtech program as a customer engagement platform for insurance companies. Insurance companies can leverage a solution like HomeZada to build brand awareness, customer value, and remain connected beyond the initial transaction of securing an insurance policy.

“Insurance companies need richer connections with their homeowner clients. With HomeZada’s core features around home inventory, maintenance, projects and finances, insurance companies are staying connected to their clients by helping their clients manage their largest asset, their home, says HomeZada co-founder, Elizabeth Dodson.

With recent events like hurricanes and wild fires, it is more important now for homeowners to take the initiative to create a home inventory should a claim be imminent. Insurance companies can help their clients by introducing HomeZada which gives homeowners the ability to track a home inventory by using their mobile phones. Homeowners can also ensure they are properly insured by tracking the various coverages on their home insurance policy and compare that with HomeZada’s home inventory app.

HomeZada digital’s home management platform that includes apps to manage a home inventory, home maintenance schedules, home improvement projects and home finances. This unique all-in-one suite of apps that combines powerful data, analysis and recommendations instantly enables consumers to be smarter homeowners. 

The home personal finance app is also available in the Professional version of HomeZada.  This allows companies in the insurance, mortgage, real estate, and home services markets to provide a branded version to their clients. The value is to provide a suite of apps that helps companies stay digital engaged with clients and increases renewal and referral business opportunities.

About HomeZada

HomeZada is a Digital Home Management platform that empowers consumers to manage their largest financial asset, their home. The online and mobile solution combines apps, content, and data to help homeowner’s mange a home inventory, a home maintenance schedule, home improvement projects and home finances. A Professional version helps realtors, insurance agents, builders, and home service providers the ability to create digital home information for their clients to increase renewals and referrals.



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