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HomeZada Launches Fintech App for Homeowners

A Personal Finance Platform to Manage the Home

SACRAMENTO, CA    HomeZada has launched a home finance app on its digital home management platform that empowers homeowners to make smarter financial decisions regarding their home. The home finance app provides complete visibility into all the major financial aspects of the home including estimated home values, mortgage schedules, home equity, insurance policy costs, and budgets for household expenses.

“The real estate market is constantly changing at a neighborhood and even the block level all across the country,” stated Elizabeth Dodson, a co-founder of HomeZada. “Our home finances app not only provides ongoing updates to the estimated value of the home, but it also calculates your estimated home equity based on the remaining mortgage balance.”

The HomeZada home finances app is private and secure for each user. As a result, the user just confirms their address and HomeZada instantly gets updated market information and does all the necessary calculations. HomeZada retrieves your initial loan information and calculates your full amortization schedule, showing your payment amounts, total interest costs of the loan, and the changing remaining mortgage balance over the term of the loan.

Since the home is most people’s largest asset, it is important for homeowners to get market forecasts into the future of the appreciated value.  HomeZada provides a 36 month home value forecast broken down into every 6 months. It then combines this with the changing mortgage balance to calculate your estimated home equity in the next 36 months. This provides great financial insight to homeowners as their home equity is usually the largest part of their net worth and can be used via a home equity loan for various life expenses or as a plan for retirement.

Most homeowners are under-insured and HomeZada provides visibility into this important issue. HomeZada tracks your home insurance policy not only from a cost perspective, but you can itemize your various coverages in your policy.  HomeZada also allows you to itemize additional scheduled property for valuables such as antiques, jewelry, collectibles, etc. and link this back to your home inventory that documents these items.

HomeZada’s home finance app also tracks your total cost of ownership for the house. You can setup budgets for all your property, utility, basic and premium service expenses. It displays a monthly cash flow as well as an annual view that aggregates expenses including those often-overlooked items like property taxes, insurance costs, and even second mortgages for homeowners who have these.

The new home finances app adds to the existing HomeZada functionality that tracks home remodel projects, home maintenance schedules, and a home inventory. As a result, the HomeZada platform now manages all the major financial aspects of your home including home asset values, mortgage debt, home equity, household expense budgets, insurance policy costs, home remodel budgets and costs, home maintenance tasks and costs, and the total value of a home inventory.

HomeZada combines multiple apps, content and data to help consumers manage their home.  It is a single login to manage all the financial aspects of their home that users can access via a mobile phone, tablet or desktop device. Homeowners really appreciate the platform because it empowers them to stay on top of home finances and make better financial decisions regarding their largest asset and biggest expense.   


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