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HomeZada Launches Innovative Technology to Organize Your Home

Cloud Application Tracks Maintenance, Improvements, Inventory, To Dos and Spending

Sacramento, CA - Starting today, homeowners across the country will be able to manage all their important home information in one online solution via the web or mobile application, thanks to HomeZada launching its new software technology in Sacramento.
“HomeZada revolutionizes the way homeowners manage the many aspects of homeownership by bringing together multiple applications and content in one online solution,” said co-founder Elizabeth Dodson. “Our product is much more than a new closet system or plastic container organizer that makes life less cluttered. HomeZada is the only company that organizes and manages the important things we tend to put off or have scattered in different locations, such as an inventory of our possessions, home maintenance checklists, To Do lists, home improvement projects, and home spending.”

HomeZada’s home inventory system manages photos, receipts, warranties, and owners’ manuals for personal possessions and the fixed equipment and materials assets in the home. The home improvement projects features allow the homeowner to financially plan all their remodel, decorative and outdoor projects in a timeline. It also has a template of more than 45 common home improvement projects that homeowners can add to or delete to personalize and maximize the product’s usefulness.

"I have been a licensed real estate agent, a financier, a residential and commercial developer, and have remodeled several homes over the past 30 years. I wish this valuable tool was around years ago," said Brad Burris, CEO Lakeside Media, Inc., publisher of HOME Improvement and Remodeling Magazine.

The technology provides homeowners with valuable content including more than 150 maintenance, yardwork and special cleaning re-occurring checklists that take into account seasonal issues. Home inventory templates predict common items in a home that minimize data entry time. Homeowners can also save intelligent bookmarks as shopping choices as well as document their purchases and instantly update their home inventory.

“People manage their money, career, travel, entertainment, shopping, and family and friends with online cloud-based solutions,” said co-founder John Bodrozic. “It is time for one cloud-based solution to manage their home and their possessions, and that’s exactly what HomeZada does.”

HomeZada is equally valuable to the first time homebuyer, the step-up home owner and those with multiple homes. With statistics showing that one in every 39 homes is burglarized and a home catches fire every 45 seconds in this country, HomeZada is the gold standard in keeping important documents and lists in one safe, secure place.

“Most people can’t account for all their belongings, particularly if they have more than one home,” said co-founder, David Ing. “Insurance companies require owners to document their loss and police reports require serial numbers and other vital information to help them track stolen property. If the unexpected happens, HomeZada is there to help put the pieces back together.”

One of the valuable components of the product is the alerts and reminders for any upcoming or overdue To Dos including warranties expiring, as well as smart recommendations for additional things the homeowner could do to maximize the management of the home. This helps busy homeowners stay on top of the things that need to be done to retain the value of their homes.

“HomeZada brings all the elements of homeownership together in one place,” said Dodson. “The value for homeowners is improved organization of all the important information about their property and being better prepared if something bad happens to their home. Homeowners can save money on maintaining and improving their property while improving their future planning and spending on their homes.”



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