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HomeZada Provides Builders an Online Homeowner Portal

Home Builders can provide a complete digital home profile to new homeowners

Sacramento, CA - HomeZada Professional is now available for home builders to create an online digital home profile and maintenance guide for new homeowners. The online solution allows builders to replace the stacks of paper that are turned over to a customer with a complete, smart and digital version for the homeowner. Builders retain their own electronic copy while homeowners can additionally manage their home inventory and any landscaping or design home improvement projects moving forward.
All the information about a home’s fixed assets such as product brand names, model numbers, warranties, and owner’s manuals are included in a digital home profile. Maintenance guides are on a property calendar that provides automatic reminders. Documents like contracts, mortgages, deeds, and floor plans are also included. A complete digital home profile is then turned over to a homeowner in their own secure online HomeZada account.

“New homeowners want to reduce paper clutter and have proactive reminders for maintaining their new home,” said Elizabeth Dodson, co-founder of HomeZada. “HomeZada Professional allows Home Builders to be more efficient in the turnover process, provide the data about a home in a smart database, and deliver a green solution in the process.”

The latest release of HomeZada Professional allows Builders to create multiple templates that map to different model types. Once a new home is built, the Builder can copy the corresponding template and edit the data based on the customer’s final finish selections, and then copy and transfer the final information to the homeowner.

Builders receive marketing value in providing an innovative digital turnover process and their online brand is displayed in front of their customer every time they login into HomeZada. Builders are looking for referrals from customers but also retaining mindshare with certain clients who will be looking to move up in a few years.



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