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HomeZada Provides Severe Weather Alerts Integrated with Zada AI Empowering Homeowners

Digital home management platform offers industry’s first customized weather alerts to empower homeowners to minimize the risk of damage, loss and insurance claims

Research shows that 80% of homeowner’s insurance claims are weather-related – so what if there was a way for homeowners to get real-time weather alerts that were customed not only to their neighborhood but also their home to allow them to minimize damage during hurricanes, tornados, thunderstorms, wildfires, winter storms and other severe weather events?

HomeZada has figured out a way to do exactly that with its digital home management platform that combines real time weather alerts, push notifications, and Zada AI by sending homeowners severe weather-related preparedness recommendations tailored to their address and the home, yard and property specifics that may be the most susceptible to damage.

The new feature, an extension of HomeZada’s Zada” AI Chat Assistant launched in June, continually monitors the National Weather Service and then sends a geotargeted email, push notification and/or in-app notice to subscribing HomeZada homeowners in the path of a potentially destructive storm along with a list of AI-generated suggestions for protecting their home and minimizing the risk of damage. 

Most homeowners are challenged to keep up with all the severe-weather events that can damage or destroy their home – and, even if they do, aren’t sure what steps to take to protect their single-largest investment,” said John Bodrozic, HomeZada co-founder. “HomeZada is the first platform to empower every homeowner, no matter the location or severe weather event, with a timely, customized alert and a set of recommendations.  

He says the alerts combine with HomeZada’s insurance documentation feature – seamless, cloud-based storage of photos, videos and receipts of home and personal property – to ensure homeowners are properly insured and prepared in case they need to make a claim. In the end, he believes this new feature helps homeowners gain peace of mind by better protecting their largest financial asset.

Beyond documenting property for insurance purposes, HomeZada can schedule maintenance and repairs, streamline remodeling projects and manage all finances associated with the home.

For a video about the AI-enabled weather alerts, go here. For more information on all HomeZada features, go to www.homezada.com.

About HomeZada

HomeZada is the home industry’s first and only fully integrated, cloud-based platform dedicated to digital home management. Created by project management pros in 2012 who wanted a similar, all-encompassing digital platform for their home, the Northern California company offers an all-in-one suite of apps able to schedule maintenance and repairs, streamline remodeling projects, document inventory for insurance purposes and manage all finances associated with the home.  For the homeowner, the result is maximum property value and peace of mind and a significant savings of time, money, personal stress, and impact on the environment.

For more information on HomeZada and the digital home management space it helped create, which represents a $6 billion market opportunity in the U.S., visit https://www.homezada.com/.



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