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HomeZada Transforms How People Manage Home Improvement Projects

Mobile application for Android and iPhone are now available

Sacramento, CA - HomeZada, the nation’s only comprehensive online and mobile tool that helps homeownersmanage all their important home information, announced a new home improvement projects module specifically created to manage all your remodel, landscaping, and furnishing projects. The system instantly organizes the homeowner by consolidating all their home improvement project information in one online location for future, current and past projects.
“For the first time, homeowners can create and manage budgets, organize and save all their product and brand research, and track the actual purchases in one secure place,” said co-founder Elizabeth Dodson. “In addition, HomeZada provides mobile applications for both the Android and iPhone devices that allow homeowners to take pictures of products they are considering for their projects and tag it with the product brand, store and estimated price.”

According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association, the home improvement projects process is the same for everyone regardless of budget, household income or demographic, taking an average of two years and consisting of five stages, including product wish list and room assessment; product comparisons, features comparisons, design and style comparisons and price comparisons.

Homeowners – regardless of whether they are a new home buyer or if they plan on remaining in their current home for a long period of time, a Do-It-Yourselfer or if they intend on hiring a contractor to do the work – can easily create and budget for all their “wishlist” projects and forecast those projects over a timeline of months or years. With projects often running over budget, HomeZada’s Project Planning functionality provides homeowners a tool in helping to decide which projects to execute based on budget and timing and how to keep everyone in budget.

“Determining a style and selecting products for a home improvement project takes a lot of time and research,” says Laura Neuman of PepperJack Interiors. “HomeZada lets people save all their research in one online application which helps the homeowner to assess and review choices in the future.”

HomeZada saves your online product research with a bookmarking application and your in-store research with the mobile application. These are automatically consolidated in one view so homeowners can compare different brands as well as understand the impact to a family’s overall budget.

“This new module comes with a library of more than 40 common remodel, furnishing and landscaping projects homeowners can browse,” said Dodson. “This library already includes many of the items needed to execute on a project and it provides an easy way to budget for each item.”

The HomeZada system is designed to be flexible enough to handle any kind of project, whether they require significant remodeling with building materials and equipment or involve only the purchase of furniture, electronics, and decorative items. HomeZada can manage outdoor landscaping and gardening projects as well.

The home improvement projects module is integrated with HomeZada’s other key features for managing your home inventory, home maintenance routines, to do lists, and overall home spending. As a result, when a homeowner completes a project where theyhave purchased new fixed assets or possessions, they can instantly update their home inventory for insurance purposes.

According to the Joint Center for Housing Studies, homeowners are spending over 100 Billion dollars per year on home improvement projects. Most homeowners go through a lengthy planning, researching, shopping and execution phase for these projects.

HomeZada now provides the homeowner market with a tool to organize themselves better and manage the overall process while more effectively forecasting and spending their home improvement dollars,” said Dodson.

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