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Family Room

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About the Family Room

A spacious family room that provides focal points for both a television as well as a fireplace. The room is large enough for different furniture configurations, and there is an open view directly into the kitchen. A corner set of windows and shutters provides great sunlight, as well as a sliding glass door that exits out to the patio.



The fireplace is a visual center piece for the family room. It is constructed of multiple natural materials including wood and stone and adds a lot of character to the family room.


The light brown hardwood floors gives you lots of decorating flexibility by either leaving the wood floors speak for themselves, or to change up with different colored rugs as the focus.


The stone slab hearth with its irregular shapes add a lot of nuance to the fireplace.


A single solid wood piece mantle provides accent to the design but also functional area to display decorative items

Sliding Door

A large slide glass door provide access to the patio and the pool area. This is great for entertaining or even just enjoying the daily quick indoor, outdoor access to these parts of the home.

Sliding Door Blinds

A large set of wood blinds cover the sliding door. They can be permanently opened in an accordion style to allow for access. They can also be closed and adjusted for either temperature control reasons, or to adjust the natural light in the room

Window Coverings

Another great feature of the family room is a set of windows in the corner of the room with their own set of blinds. A great way to control natural light in the room

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