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Closing gift to engage and keep clients for life.

HomeZada Pro gives real estate agents the power to engage clients and build loyalty during the entire homeowner journey.

Maintain a loyal relationship for a lifetime

A bottle of wine does not help your clients manage their home. Provide clients with a HomeZada account as a closing gift which helps them manage, maintain, improve and protect their home. Your clients will remember you as they see your branding ad on a regular basis when using HomeZada.

Clients manage digital home information:

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Homezada pro branding ad for realtors and real estate agents

Your branding ad displayed on the dashboard to all clients

Be Remembered Forever by Providing Homeowner AI to Clients

In a time when agents need to sell their value and differentiate with more expertise, HomeZada PRO provides the ability to deliver Homeowner AI to your clients. Be more innovative than ever by helping clients get personalized expertise unique to their home on everything required to manage, maintain, protect and improve it. Be a hero to homeowners.

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It is easy to send out client gifts

With a HomeZada PRO account, it is easy to create your own branding ad with your photo, broker logo, and contact info. Enter your client's property address and an email is sent to them to receive their gift subscription. You can also view all your client gifts that you have previously provided.

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Homezada Pro for realtors for customer retention

Manage and track your HomeZada gifts to your clients

Your branding is shown in all devices and emails

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Your branding ad is displayed on every device at every login

Your clients can access their HomeZada account with any desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device. Your branding is displayed on every device on the main dashboard at every login. In addition, your branding is displayed on multiple emails per month that help the homeowner manage their home.

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Why use HomeZada

  • Increase client loyalty by gifting a valuable app to help them manage their home
  • Build your personal brand with mobile and online ads in front of clients
  • Get five brand impressions per month with app and email branding ads
  • Differentiate your service by being a trusted advisor on managing a home
  • Increase referrals and repeat business through your value added service
  • Never lose future business to another agent by always being present with your client

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